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The liquid ice melt we offer is a product called "APEX".  This Magnesium (Mag) Chloride de-icer  penetrates hard snow pack with far greater results, than the sands and salts available on the market.  As the least corrosive of the chloride options out there, Mag Chloride provides not only instant results but also a residual effect.  This means that once applied, the Mag Chloride actually begins to work on its own and treats the concrete over time.  Another benefit for liquid de-icers is there is no clean up of rock salt in the spring.  It also helps keep carpets, tile, and inner floors cleaner, without sand and salt making its way inside.  When applied properly, it should not effect vegetation.  This product can be either applied by our company, delivered, or picked up at our Harrisburg elevator facility. 


  We also offer a couple of dry ice melt products.  Leading this field is the dry bagged Mag Chloride, which is 100% Magnesium Chloride. This works just like the liquid form, but is more for the residential user.  Once applied this product works its way down through the ice to the surface, releasing the ice.  This product is available in 50 lb. bags of either Mag Crystals or Mag Pellets.(below)