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Accuflex is a product we use to produce our full flake system.  This product will give and "flex" a bit, unlike some epoxies.  We apply this system mainly in garages and basements.  With this full flake system we can make your floor any color you desire with a combination of flakes. It works great for areas with foot traffic, industrial environments, and light car traffic. It is also a very useful coating for trailer floors.


If a full flake floor is not what you desire, a random flake floor is another option.  This system works well in garages, basements, and industrial environments. 


Methyl methacrylate resin is a top of the line coating system.

Benefits of a MMA floor would include:

     - One hour cure time

     - Low temperature applications

     - Not affected by UV rays

     - Unsurpassed in durability

These benefits make it an excellent choice where other coatings fail in harsh environments such as car washes, food preparation and heavy industrial areas.